Yet another day of coding

So if you’ve read my about page or first post, you’d know I’m beginning my intensive 100 day coding journey in an attempt to become a better developer and to build up a more impressive portfolio to impress employers. Yesterday, I did a lot of initial setup on the site, but now I’m getting more into coding.

The project I’ve been working on for a while is EZcrypt, an encryption and decryption tool. Today, I made a lot of progress on it. Check it out here. It’s a Java program, but I want to branch out and do things that aren’t related to web development or Java in the future. I have a big list of programs I want to make, which I hope to complete in this 100 day sprint.

In addition to that, I also started an online course for learning git and GitHub. I am already somewhat familiar with these things, but this will help me get better with more advanced features. Among other things, the course has already gotten me to set up p4merge, which is a diff and merge tool, which can help in the event of merge conflicts in git.