Goals for the day

My goals for January 4th are as follows:

  • Call and make an important appointment (unrelated to programming)
  • Finish section 5 of GitHub Ultimate
  • Add new commands to my git learning repo
  • Updated log and website
  • More Python prorgamming and learning!!!! Read a lot of the book, maybe some Udemy Python stuff too
  • Write a very basic text-based RPG in Python
  • Add .gitignore files to repos and get rid of .DS_Store and other junk like that, also add fonts gitignore to SLS website repo
  • Make at least a few more Keynote/LibreOffice mockups for static site generator

Goals for this week:

  • Set up a Bitnami LAMP VM
  • More git course knowledge
  • Start to actually work on the static site generator, or at least come up with more concrete plans for it
  • More mockups for SSG
  • Add disqus comments to jekyll