Not terribly interesting

Today I worked on my Static Site Generator project more. I had to do more open existing vs. create new project stuff, had to flesh out what the files and folders will be for a project, did some bug fixes, learned more about the os module in Python, things like that. Pretty straightforward stuff.

I am getting much more comfortable with the concepts of branching and merging in git. I notice that GitHub only counts contributions from the master branch though, not other branches. So now that I am doing more branching, it might seem as if I’m doing less, if you’re going by the contributions section. But if you look at the SSG git repo page, and then go to branches, you can see what I’m doing.

I currently don’t do official unittest module unit tests, but I do my own manual QA testing by using the program with every possible combination of valid/invalid inputs. I do examples of valid commands, invalid ones, trying to open projects that don’t exist, trying to create a project that already exists, passing invalid command line arguments to the program, using unallowed characters in the project name, trying to use reserved keywords as a menu command, etc. So far, I have encountered some bugs, but fixed all of them. I am feeling very happy with the progress so far. The features that exist work flawlessly now, though there are plenty of other features to add in the future.

Tomorrow, I am doing some healthcare-related stuff, which is very important, but might also mean that I won’t be doing as much programming.