Lots of stuff

It’s been a while since my last #100daysofcode post. I haven’t been great about updating this repo/website, but I’ve still been doing a lot of coding.

Here are some things I’ve done since the last time I updated this blog:

  • Re-read and edited my book
  • Wrote an entire book except for one remaining chapter
  • Learned more about C++
  • Read a book about SQL
  • Learned more about MySQL
  • Used MySQL Workbench a lot but also learned about MySQL at the command line
  • Started reading a book about PHP
  • Started learning the Apache web server
  • Started learning PHP
  • Did various educational coding projects
  • Learned about SQL injection and other web app security stuff
  • Learned more about the LAMP stack
  • Learned more about virtual appliances
  • Set up Jekyll on my new laptop
  • Set up Bitnami WAMP on my new laptop
  • Learned more about the path variable
  • Set up a Samba server on a Raspberry Pi
  • Built a server rack
  • Built another server and installed Proxmox on it (for VMs)
  • Started using LeetCode
  • Started using Project Euler
  • Made a program that finds prime numbers, prime gaps, and prime number distributions, and automatically graphs it
  • Learned how to use gnuplot and used it in my prime number program
  • Learned more about pointers and manual memory management in C++, which was previously confusing to me
  • Started writing a chapter about Apache and PHP
  • Learned more about AWS and other modern cloud stuff
  • Learned more about containers
  • Learned more about Fortinet firewalls
  • Learned more about Ubiquiti access points
  • Learned more about making ethernet cables
  • Learned more about data structures
  • Wrote a Twitter weather bot that uses the Twitter API and a weather API
  • Made a Raspberry Pi Zero W project that runs a shell script to automatically take pictures of the sky (for use with the Twitter weather bot). The Python script on the VM on my ESXi hypervisor then logs into the SFTP server on the Zero W, saves the picture, and then uploads that in addition to the weather data tweet.
  • Wrote a Java program that downloads weather data from an API

And probably lots of other stuff I’m forgetting to mention here.

Next semester

I have big plans for the next semester. In addition to college classes, I’ll also be working on a full stack project: a LAMP stack message board. This is to get more in-depth experience with doing full stack development, rather than only relying on learning basic stuff in a class or in a shorter project such as for a book chapter. I’m also going to do at least one LeetCode and one Project Euler problem per day.