I’m Alan, a computer science student currently participarting in the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I studied IT at College of DuPage before transferring to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to study CS. I am very passionate about software development and information security. I am currently in Chicagoland, though I spent 2016-2018 in the greater St. Louis area (and briefly in China in 2018).

The platforms I use regularly are macOS Mojave, Windows 10, Debian-based GNU/Linux distros (Kali/Debian/Ubuntu), CloudLinux, FreeBSD, iOS, and Android. My skills include Java, Python, regex, bash, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML, YAML, UML, LaTeX, Django, ESXi, infosec, cPanel, Wordpress, Linux, SMB, Cisco IOS, Windows Server, nmap, Metasploit, networking, git, Jekyll, etc.

I am currently learning unit testing, Travis CI, Docker, SQL, and Django.

Some other websites I’ve made include Smart Financial Research, Hello Life Skills, Saint Louis Software, and more.

Some people use #100DaysOfCode to start learning about programming. I already learned how to code in university, but now I’m taking this time to build a portfolio of useful projects, aside from only concentrating on class assignments and tests.

This site is currently hosted on Github Pages. The git repo is available here. Soon, I will transfer it to being generated with my own Python program called Static Site Generator.

Cool projects I’ve made

Some of my current best public GitHub repos are Saint Louis Software, EZcrypt, FileHider, Static Site Generator, 2D RPG Game Engine, Road Warrior, and amp.

This site is not affiliated with 100daysofcode.com.